Drag queen chased and shot in New York ‘hate crime’

Sean Weaver

As reported in the Daily News, yesterday a 22 year old LGBT+ person, thought to be a drag queen, was chased and shot by ‘a group of men shouting homophobic slurs’ according to a statement released by the Brooklyn police.

Officials stated that the young drag queen was walking with a friend when they were both approached by three young men who then began to yell profanities and homophobic slurs. Upon trying to escape, both the friend and victim were pursued and shot at. The victim was shot in the buttocks.

The victim was admitted to Brookdale University Hospital where they were treated and then released.

The Police have arrested three suspects, each of whom have a plethora of previous charges/felonies.

Sources stated, including Eric Dowling, a barber whose shop was near the scene and familiar with the victim that the neighborhood is a dangerous place for LGBT+ people because of its violent nature.

While anti-LGBT+ hate crimes have been prevalent in the news, including last week’s gay bashing where three suspects have been arrested in Philadelphia, PA, USA, some states do not have penal laws that state crimes against someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity is a hate crime. New York’s hate crime ordinance does, however, include protections for LGBT+ people.

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