Gay men arrested in Egypt

On the 7 September 2014, Egyptian police took into custody seven men who ‘[took] part in a gay wedding video that went viral on social media, accusing them of inciting debauchery and undermining public morals.’

The men were arrested last Saturday and were held for four days, and ‘the public prosecutor’s office said…that the party took place in April but the footage went viral in August, causing the police to take action to identify the men.’

The report also stated that  ‘Homosexuality is not included in a list of sexual offences explicitly outlawed by Egyptian law, but it can be punished under several different statutes on morality.’

This latest turn of events by the policing of homosexuality in Egypt comes after Egypt officials used Grindr to locate ‘homosexual’ men and the arrests of men participating in a ‘homosexual’ gathering in April 2014.

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