Josey Greenwell ‘rebranded’ as straight

An ‘out’ gay singer has caused confusion by rebranding himself as ‘straight, ’ reports suggest.

Josey Greenwell, an out gay country singer who previously appeared on the cover of the Australian gay publication DNA magazine and the 2012 edition of the popular gay travel guide Spartacus, has reappeared after a social media absence under the name Nate Green.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that Nate Green may have simply been a lookalike, until sources confirmed that the two were one and the same.

Outlets are accusing the singer of being ‘straightwashed’ to appeal to young heterosexual audiences.

All references to the singer’s previous social media accounts and interviews, including appearances on US television with Dr Phil, have been removed.

LGBT+ references have also been removed from the singers current social media profiles, including LGBT+ individuals and organisations that had been ‘liked’ and ‘followed’ by the singer.


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