#GE2015: Experts say result too close to call

Simon Blish

There is simply no getting away from the number one trending subject of the moment.

General election fever may have taken a while to take hold, but with the opinion polls now poised as never before, and as the main protagonists desperately hammer home their messages, #GE2015 just got fascinating.

Every single pundit is saying that the race is too close to call. The Great British public is just too tricky a beast to predict.

Such is the level of uncertainty that betting on the final outcome is becoming almost as big a deal as the election itself.  

Some are even saying that this election will be the most gambled on ever.

The fascinating range of possible permutations has captured the public imagination in a way the politicos never intended. The result of the election itself may be uncertain, but all the signs are that is going to net someone a healthy profit.

If only the business of deciding who to vote for were quite so cut and dried!

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