Goa, India to use ‘reform camps’ for LGBT+ youth

Sean Weaver

As reported by The New York Times, the government of Goa, a state located in India, has decided to move forward with a program for youths to deal with ‘same-sex behavior’ in order to live a ‘normal life’.

In a statement to the press, Minister Ramesh Tawadkar stated that ‘We will tell them what to do and how to get over same-sex feelings’ while arguing that homosexuality is a big problem in Indian society, even though it is illegal. Tawadkar made his announcement on Monday for this years 2015 youth policy, and he wishes to handle same-sex behavior similar to that of ‘drug addicts, dropouts, and illegal immigrants’. He also confirmed to the press that the state would set up ‘camps’ where counseling would be offered to bi, lesbian, gay, and transgender youth. However, he would not reveal any other further details.

Tawadkar claimed that the first step to instituting this new program would be to conduct a state wide survey for youths. He did not mention if those who identify as gay would be prosecuted, but he did clarify that the law would be used in order to convey that such behavior is illegal. One person that will be involved with this program is a prominent yoga figure, Baba Ramadev, who has previously publicly condemned homosexuality. His ‘expertise’ in yoga, claims Tawadkar, will be used to counsel gay people and drug addicts.

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For more details, see the video below.

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