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Matthew Mallinson and Brett Rice were a young couple who first met at the University of Huddersfield in 2010, and later joined in a civil union in 2012. They now face their darkest days.

Due to certain pieces of legislation requiring minimum earnings to be eligible for a civil union visa, the pair might be separated indefinitely. Brett, who has recently completed his MBA and is now employed full-time, worked as a waiter in his spare-time during his studies. Due to having such a low-paying job, he and Matthew have failed to meet the required annual earnings by a mere ₤361.20.

However, bureaucracy reigns supreme and the legality surrounding this whole journey has become somewhat complex and many a word of legal jargon has been thrown into the fray. With a few seconds of your precious time we can save a civil union and prevent their happily ever after becoming a nightmare.

Please visit and sign the petition urging the Right Honourable Theresa May to stop what could end up being an emotional disaster of unimaginable proportions.

You can sign the petition at

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