Hungarian men face human trafficking charges

Sean Weaver

According to the Miami Herald, a Hungarian man has been charged with human trafficking of young gay males from Hungary.

Andras Janos Vass, age 25, is facing a possible of 21 years of jail time for keeping young Hungarian gay males as prostitutes in a Miami-Dade home located in Florida, USA.

Besides being charged with human trafficking, Vass and two other men will also be charged for racketeering.

According to the Herald, Vass and his other two accomplices ran a company called Never Sleep Inc, which forced young gay men to prostitute for 20 hours a day.

According to authorities, Vass and his accomplices met the victims in Hungary through a gay website called Gay Romeo, and another victim was recruited via Facebook.

Vass and the others then flew the three victims, each in their young 20s, to New York City and forced the young men to live in a one-bedroom apartment. There they were forced to perform sexual acts, some of which were recorded on live web cameras—as stated by the arrest warrant.

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The Herald also reports that up to eight young men worked and lived in the apartment and their travel documents were confiscated by Vass and his accomplices—they even threatened the families of the young men back in Hungary if they refused to work. In 2012 Vass and his group moved their business to Miami-Dade, Florida.

The two other defendants, Gabor Acs and Viktor Berki—both of whom are Hungarian Nationals, still await trial.  This case goes to show that human sex trafficking is not singular to any one gender or sexual orientation, but can affect any person.

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