Jamaican principal receives death threats after gay sex tape leak

Sean Weaver

As reported by Gay Star News, a Jamaican principal has received death threats after explicit photos were posted online. Jamaican news sources report that ‘the pictures appeared online after his cell phone went missing.’ However, he has stated that although the pictures were of him, they were ‘digitally edited’ to make it appear that he was having ‘gay sex’.

After the photos surfaced online, they were spread to almost every student at the principal’s school. Other Jamaicans have even gone as far as uploading the photo and posting death threats: one such picture has surfaced with the words ‘Batty man fi dead’ inscribed on the front. These death threats have also been issued against the man’s children and wife.

While the pictures and news of the posting to social media have created a media storm endangering the man’s life, sources close to the man confirm he is alive and well. The man’s name and school have not been revealed, nor has there been any legal action taken to protect the man. There is no word yet concerning the fate of the other man in the photo or if he has also received death threats.

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The school district has decided to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the details of this case, and the district superintendent  has spoken out accepting the plea that the pictures may be doctored to ‘incriminate’ the man.

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