LGBT+ Ugandans unite

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As reported in European news sources, LGBT+ Ugandans took to the streets of Entebbe town on Saturday in celebration of their homosexuality for the third Gay-Pride-Parade in Ugandan history. Only 40 Kilometres from the Capital City of Kampala where the notorious ‘Anti-Gay’ bill was struck down a short time ago.

Activists in Uganda felt this would be the perfect time to host a Pride-Parade in defiance of the Draconian Law and the homophobic community who make up a large majority of the Ugandan Population

Some members of the parade adorned white masks to conceal their identities for fear of outing themselves in public. Even though the law has been nullified, LGBT+ men and women are fully aware that the law was scrapped due to nothing more than a technicality.

A far-cry from many western Pride-Parades, a mere 100 people were brave enough to join the parade and ultimately put their lives at risk for the greater good of their fellow LGBT+ brothers and sisters.

Activists were disappointed that so few people turned up for the event but boasted that the parade was a great success – turning into a two-day event. The festivities featured drag shows, film screenings and parties that ran into the early hours of the morning. ‘This event is to bring us together. Everyone was in hiding before because of the anti-homosexuality law,’ organiser Sandra Ntebi told the media. ‘It is a happy day for all of us, getting together,’ Ntebi said.

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The anti-gay law signed by President Yoweri Museveni earlier this year was thrown out by the constitutional court after it was found that the law was passed without adequate members present at the passing of the bill. Unfortunately for Uganda’s LGBT+ community their celebrations may be short lived as it is expected that the bill will be reinstated when the Ugandan parliament resumes in about two weeks time.

The Parlimentarian Abdu Latif Ssebaggala has said that he has already started to collect signatures from members of parliament who support the Anti-Gay law and that he expected to have more than 50% of the votes in favour of reinstatement of the law.