Lady Gaga says ‘Save Our Water’

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Today in Sacramento California, singer Lady Gaga released a PSA in conjunction with the State of California’s Save Our Water campaign. This PSA adds Miss Gaga’s voice to the calls of many to ask people to take water conservation seriously.

The Grammy nominated superstar has often been found helping good causes and even founded the Born This Way Foundation. Her alliance with the Save Our Water campaign comes at a time when statistics have been released showing that despite the drought conditions, people have increased their water usage by 8%.

The State Water Resources Control Board’s chairwoman, Felicia Marcus said, “California is in the worst drought we’ve seen in our grandparents’ generation or beyond, but many parts of California don’t seem to realize how bad it is because they are so far away from their source of water. We are all in this together, and this is not a time to waste water.”

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