Lorraine Kelly sets Sharron Davies right over offensive drag ‘like black face’ comment

Ah, Sharron Davies. Always on the cusp of everyone’s lips – typically followed by a torrent of vitriol or the swinging of jaws in disbelief. It’s hard not to dislike our Shazza. She’s always putting her foot in it. One might even say she does it intentionally like a certain Haty Kopkins.

Yesterday she likened drag to ‘black face’ and faced fantastic rejoinders from drag queens, women, people of colour and the queen of daytime TV, Lorraine Kelly herself.

Twitter users were quick to point out the regressive image of women presented by Sharron.

With some women questioning if they were really ‘drag queens’ by Sharron’s standards.

One woman who is also a drag queen, pointed out the silliness of such a sweeping statement.

Venus Envy pointed out that women’s experiences are vastly different and aren’t defined by one thing.

Sharron even made men question whether they were drag queens or women, based on Sharron’s description.

And then Lorraine Kelly – who herself recently got dragged up by Manchester drag house, the Family Gorgeous – waded in to point out how drag could be freeing for many people. ‘It can literally save lives,’ she said.

Doesnt she look good as Morning Gloria?

And here’s a video of Lorraine as Morning Gloria:

Meanwhile, some users pointed out Sharron’s comparison is also potentially problematic…

As is her defence that she has mixed race kids.


This wasn’t really a success, was it, Sharron?

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