Mississippi man reports sexually abusive Christian ‘gay cure’

Sean Weaver

As originally reported by the Associated Press, a Mississippi man has filed charges against a Baptist school teacher for sexually abusing him in order to change his sexual orientation.

Jeff White, now aged 32, has decided to come forward to discuss the events that happened to him in the 1990s in order to prevent future sexual abuse happening to others. The article reports:

White [revealed] in an interview [with the Washington Blade] that a teacher at Bethel Baptist School in Walls[,] when he was a student there[,] repeatedly forced him to have oral and anal sex for three years. White said the teacher scheduled an appointment each Wednesday for the sexual abuse to occur. His parents enrolled him in the school when he was 14 and in the seventh grade. ‘He would rape me because I was gay and because it would make me hate men and make me change,’ White said.

The article also reports that White is currently the executive director of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center, and that ‘The San Francisco-based National Center for Lesbian Rights helped White file the complaint with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department’.

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The church is aware of the ongoing investigation and has stated they will cooperate with the investigation.

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