NBA to take all-star game elsewhere over anti-LGBT laws

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The NBA has issued a letter to North Carolina stating that it may take its 2017 all-star game elsewhere, if anti-discrimination bills to protect LGBTs are not in place. NBA took to twitter to express their concerns over the discriminatory laws in North Carolina and reiterate that these laws go against their ‘guiding principles of equality and mutual respect’.

The association said, ‘The NBA is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment.’ It added that discriminatory laws may impact the association’s decision of where to hold its 2017 game.

The bill in question, signed in by Gov Patrick McCrory forbids localities from implementing LGBT anti-discrimination protections. This bill will come into effect, in Charlotte, from 1 April 2016. critics of the bill have argued that it grants a number of privileges to a particular class of citizens.

The NBA is yet to make any final decisions on whether the 2017 game will be played in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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