NYC aims for gender-neutral bathrooms

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Officials in New York are considering a plan to require businesses to convert to gender-neutral bathrooms.

Under the newly proposed legislation, publicly accessible, single-occupant bathrooms would become gender-neutral bathrooms for both public and private buildings. The language of the plumbing code would also be amended—which currently includes references to separate bathrooms for men and women. New signs would be required on existing bathrooms to identify them as gender-neutral.

‘We’re not talking about constructing new bathrooms or spending any money, except basically purchasing a sign,’ New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer said. ‘It’s time to help individuals who identify as transgender to use the bathroom without fear of consequence.’

The new rules would not apply to multi-stall bathrooms.

The proposed legislation would follow in the steps of similar laws enacted in recent years. The Districts of Columbia, Philadelphia and West Hollywood have all passed similar policies.

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