Philip Christopher Baldwin’s LGBT History Month dinner

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Celebrities, politicians and activists were all out in force for Philip Christopher Baldwin’s LGBT History Month dinner, in association with Gay Times.

LGBT History Month is an annual month-long celebration of LGBT history, culture and identity, occurring in February. This year’s LGBT History Month theme was citizenship and law, with a particular focus on the landmark fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of sex between consenting adult men (at the time 21 and over) in England and Wales. It’s incredible how much has changed in fifty years!

Ollie Locke, Imogen Thomas, Vogue Williams, Jamie O’Hara and Lauren Pope were all supporting Philip on the night. Philip gave a rousing speech. He spoke about the history of LGBT rights in the UK and his work as a Stonewall role model, challenging homophobia in schools.

Philip also highlighted areas where there is still work to be done around LGBT rights, such as in our faith communities. He thanked Lauren Pope, in particular, for having attended all of his HIV and LGBT events. He ended his speech by encouraging the audience to “take inspiration from the achievements of the past and ensure that we continue to forge ahead, to build a country free from discrimination”.

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