Preacher wants homosexuals in prison

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An American preacher, who uses his blog to teach lessons in Christian ideology, has thrown the LGBT+ community into furore. Michael Wilson uploaded a video onto his blog stating his wish for a new constitutional amendment outlawing homosexuality.

Williams proposed amendment states that homosexuality should be punishable with ‘ten years in prison at hard labor’.

He said, ‘Whereas homosexuality used to be a felony in every state, referred to as sodomy, it has now been decriminalized, and homosexuality is allowed to be openly expressed in public. While Christians are becoming increasingly tolerant of homosexuals, homosexuals are becoming increasingly intolerant of us.’

Williams stipulated that viewer’s should ‘incessantly’ contact legislators to outlaw homosexuality. The pastor concluded, ‘We’re in a fight for survival and only one side can win, lets make sure it’s our side.’

You can read his blog at, where he has published other material such as ‘And the answer is – Homosexuals’, where Williams stated that children in homosexual families are much less likely to succeed in life that heterosexual ones. 


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