Pride in London seeking volunteers, announces new parade date

Pride in London 2018
Vada That

The organisers of Pride in London have announced the date for next year’s Parade. The 2019 Pride in London Parade will take place on Saturday 6 July, in the second year of their five-year funding cycle.

Co-Chair for Pride in London Alison Camps said, ‘This year we showed that Pride means many things to many people, and it was our most diverse Parade yet. As we enter a year of uncertain times for the UK and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, we look to Pride as a beacon of hope and unity that brings the LGBT+ community and its allies together. We have learnt a tremendous amount and have been actively working on making sure a small protest group within our community cannot use Pride to spread hate again. 2019 will be all about ensuring Pride is a peaceful and positive event that serves everyone, which includes looking at new sections in the Parade and new stages.’

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This year, Pride in London won the Queen’s Award for Volunteering Services. It’s now welcoming applications from new volunteers to join the core team.

Co-Chair for Pride in London Michael Salter-Church said, ‘Every year I am amazed by the kindness and dedication that our volunteers give in putting on Pride. I am also humbled by the new friends, colleagues and allies that we make along the way, and the real sense of family that we have. To those that volunteered this year I’d like to say thank you. And to those who want to find out about 2019 I’d say come along to our Recruitment Open Day.’

Pride in London is hosting a Recruitment Open Day on 3 November (book online).

Applications for the 2019 Parade will open in the new year.

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