Rainbow zebra crossings for Canal Street

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In a bid to save lives and prevent accidents in Manchester’s Gay Village, local man Adam Edwards has started a petition proposing two rainbow-coloured zebra crossings on Canal Street.

Stakeholders in the local LGBT community have pointed out that this would be an important intervention to prevent accidents on the Canal Street crossroads between Sackville Street and Chorlton Street.

Due to ongoing road works on Portland Street and elsewhere in the city centre, there has been a significant increase in traffic in the area. The area around Canal Street is located close to bars and clubs, and attracts a high volume of visitors throughout the day and night.

By installing the rainbow-coloured crossing, Manchester’s Gay Village would also join Key West in having its own crossings celebrating the LGBT community. Unlike a number of temporary crossings that have appeared in London, however, this would be a permanent crossing and would therefore also be the first of its kind in Europe, after similar plans were shelved in Totnes over fears the rainbow colours might cause hallucinations for dementia sufferers.

If you wish to find out more and sign the petition, visit the Manchester council website.

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