The Republic of Ireland is becoming more queer-friendly

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An opinion poll conducted for a national newspaper has found that more than eight out of 10 people in the Republic of Ireland back gay marriage.

The Sunday Times survey said that almost a third – 65% – also believed the right for same-sex parents to adopt children should be legal.

The poll, which was based on a sample of 954 people conducted by Behaviours and Attitudes, was ‘properly conducted’ amongst a socially-weighted sample of those living in the RoI.

Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) told The Journal that the results of the poll showed an ever-changing tolerance of LGBT+ people in the country.

Kieran Rose from GLEN said the result was another demonstration of the transformation in attitudes in the country.

Mr Rose said: ‘It is clear from this poll and other recent polls public opinion firmly accepts that lesbian and gay people and families headed by lesbian and gay couples should be afforded the same respect, legal status and protections that are available to the rest of society.’

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He added he believed the results represented a further step towards the legalisation of same-sex marriage and greater tolerance in the RoI, largely a Catholic country.

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