Researchers eliminate HIV virus in human cells

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In a potentially historic announcement, researchers from Temple University in Philadelphia have claimed to successfully found a way to eliminate the virus from human cells. This would open the door for a potential cure since current treatments only serve to suppress the virus.

As reported by Stephanie Stahl of CBS Philly, in Temple University’s Centre for Neurovirology a team of researchers led by one Dr Kamel Khalili are at the frontier of medical science in the fields of genetic surgery. They have since said they have found a way to operate on Human DNA and essentially eradicate HIV from living cells.

Speaking on the subject Dr Khalili said:

It’s an important finding because for the first time in laboratory setting we show that the virus can be eradicated from human culture, cell culture… Basically converting infected cells to un-infected cells and that is very important because the current therapy can not eliminate the virus from cells.”

In his presentation, Khalili is reported to have shown slides of his work on human cells before and after treatment, showing that the cells were being destroyed as a result of these genetic surgery techniques. Khalili has not been able to comment on a time frame for when clinical trials of this new technique could take place, but he nevertheless seemed undaunted saying that this was ‘very exciting, its very exciting’

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We will reporting additional details as they become available.

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