Rugby uniform gets more swipes right on Tinder

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Daniel Wren

Apparently. there are almost as many Tinder users worldwide as there are people in Britain – 57 million to be exact. Yet 1,000 Brits get5 ‘no matches on Tinder’ each month,.

A recent study from the GolfSupport created 12 separate profiles using the same details to work out what works and what doesn’t work for the UK public at large – with a different sports kit for each profile. The same photos were used, with uniforms carefully photoshopped in place, to see the results.

The researchers ensured each of the 12 profiles made 300 right swipes on each of the 12 accounts and waited three days to see who swiped back to find out whether wearing a certain sports kit provides more Tinder matches than others.

Rugby won with a whopping 2/3 of all swipees also swiping back! Of 300 right swipes, 208 of those matched. Football was a close second, with 195 matches out of 300.

Surprisingly, golf came in third place, with 168 matches out of a possible 300. Maybe it’s the Tiger Woods effect?

In fourth place is gymnastics with 165 right swipes, followed by:

  • Netball (159)
  • American football (140)
  • Athletics (137)
    Badminton/Tennis (120)
  • Basketball (114)
  • Cycling (70)
    Rowing (57)

Unsurprisingly, cricket was the least appealing to Tinder users. Only 49 profiles swiped back – a difference of 159 from rugby in first place!

Half of Tinder users (51%) said they’d happily swipe right to someone who supported a different team or followed a different sport but just over a third (36%) stated they wouldn’t. That dramatically reduces your chances of getting a match.

Additionally, if you state your favourite sports team in your bio, 68% of Brits are turned off! It’s better to keep it private, even if you look like you play the sport yourself.

Find out more from GolfSupport.

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