Russia: Calvin Klein ad might be ‘gay propaganda’

Simon Blish

A Calvin Klein ad is being investigated by Russian authorities for violating a dictum against ‘gay propaganda’.

According to the Rambler News Service, officials in the northern coastal city of Arkhangelsk, near the White Sea, are reviewing the advert for CK2 after a resident saw the clip on YouTube and complained that it contains ‘elements of propaganda of homosexuality and paedophilia’.

In 2013, Russia banned any kind of ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships’, which has been used to ban LGBT educational resources and anything that has been deemed supportive of LGBT rights.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service will report on the advert in conjunction with governmental internet watchdog Roskomnadzor.

Yesterday, the ‘HOW2 Reconnect’ advert in question had been viewed barely 3,000 times. Today, after the video was reported, that has jumped to 7,125 as of 12.41pm today.

In the video, two men unplug their laptops and electronic devices, before lying together (fully dressed) on a pink bed, and then looking longingly at each other. The advert ends with the message ‘Do you want to…’ written on the men’s bodies as they lift a T-shirt, slip down a sock and pull down a pair of boxer shorts.

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