Same-sex marriage close to passing in Ireland

According to a recent poll conducted by the Irish Times, it seems the passing of a same-sex marriage referendum will be extremely close.

While the data shows that the support for same-sex marriage is in the lead, the opposition to passing the referendum has increased – proving that the vote will be more close than originally thought.

The recent poll revealed that 74 percent of the Irish public is in support of the referendum—which has decreased from its original 80 percent in a previous poll, also conducted by the Irish Times.

The vote on the referendum will take place on 22 May, and according to the Irish Times, campaigning in support of the referendum has yet to take place.

While a decrease in yes votes may seem daunting, the recent polls show that there is a clear division in support by age. The younger the voter, the more in support of the referendum, while the older the voter, the more opposition to the referendum. The polls also reveal that this division in support and opposition is the same for class division and political affiliation.

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While the polls reveal much about the impending vote, the Irish Times reports that polls don’t necessarily show the true outcome of any referendum vote. However, these statistics reveal that Ireland may be on the verge of LGBT equality with the passing of a referendum that would allow same-sex marriage.