Same-Sex marriage support falls in the USA

In the United States, support for same-sex marriage has reportedly fallen below 50% even though bans on same-sex unions have been ruled unconstitutional in many states this year, says a Pew Research Center survey.

The results released Monday found 49% of Americans were in favor of gay marriage, a considerable amount down from 54% in February.

Another aspect of the survey found that half of Americans consider homosexuality a sin, up from 45% a year ago, 47% agreeing that businesses such as caterers and florists should be allowed to refuse same-sex couples for religious reasons.

The tallied results of the February and September polls show that the yearly average level of support for gay marriage was 2% higher than last year at 52%.

The survey consisting of 2,002 adults was taken from September 2nd-9th, with a 2.5% margin of error.



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