Stonewall, Diva lead top companies in inclusive pro-trans ad in Metro

To undo some of the hurt and damage caused by The Metro‘s highly controversial anti-trans ad last week, Stonewall and Diva clubbed together to buy a full-page ad in support of the trans community, revealing the backing of the UK’s top companies. In the ad, about 100 organisations all offer their support to the trans community.

The original ad (below) was paid for by a group known as Fair Play For Women, and sent shockwaves among LGBT people and supporters of trans rights across the country.

The same group had previously tweeted with an ‘evil grin’ about pregnant trans people being overwhelmed by a virus ‘like a 1000 cancers’.

Other tweets have since been deleted, although some remain. Fair Play For Women Director Nicola Williams claims ignorance of the tweets, saying, ‘We utterly reject transphobia, homophobia, misogeny [sic], racism and bigotry of any kind.’

Some people have accused the group of being an example of astroturfing by American fundamentalists, and have noted that some of the claims of this group are inaccurate.

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The Government recently published an article to clarify what the Gender Recognition Act consultation was and wasn’t proposing, and clarified that the exemptions under the Equalities Act 2010 to allow single and separate sex spaces would continue. This is in stark contrast to the claims of FPFW, which argues that men will be given access to women-only spaces.

The new ad shows a range of supporters of trans rights, and reads: ‘To all our trans family, colleagues, customers and friends, we are proud to stand alongside you in the fight for trans equality.

‘We support your right to be yourself and you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in all parts of daily life.

‘We will keep on playing our part to make that happen and we send you our support and strength in the face of the hostility directed at you. We are proud to come out for trans equality.’

The ASA is currently investigating the first ad to see if it breaches its guidelines.

The consultation closes tomorrow, but you can fill it in with guidance from Stonewall.

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