Russia: Tiger and goat promote ‘gay propaganda’

Daniel Wren

In the latest twist on ridiculous Russian homophobia, Putin’s prosecution service is now mulling over whether media coverage of a male-male friendship between a tiger and a goat he befriended constitutes ‘gay propaganda’.

Citing a law to protect children, Novosibirsk lawyer Alexei Krestyanov complained to prosecutors about media coverage of the unlikely companions. His complaint echoed the law against ‘gay propaganda‘ passed in 2012 which has roundly come under fire by LGBT campaigners and politicians around the world.

The animal friends, housed in a safari near Vladivostok, made headlines in November and have since been accused of provoking ‘interest in non-traditional sexual relations’, claims Krestyanov.

LGBT venues in the UK boycotted Russian vodka and athletes protested against the Sochi Games in recent years, as Russia has increasingly begun to persecute its LGBT citizens.

‘I think the positive coverage of this topic is nothing less than interference in the personal lives of minors, which is what hidden propaganda is, and public, active imposition of homosexuality,’ wrote Krestyanov.

The prosecutor’s office in the Primorsky region borders its censorious neighbours China and North Korea, and is taking a leaf out of their book. The prosecutor said it will look into Krestyanov’s allegations.

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Timur the goat was originally put into the cage of Amur the Siberian tiger, intended as live food. But, in a queer turn of events, the two animals instead began cohabiting in the enclosure. The tiger began sleeping on the roof to allow space for the goat, and reporters began to film the two playing together.

Perhaps in protest against politicians like Putin, goat Timur’s fans have suggested he should be elected to parliament.

Unfortunately, however, Timur has spent the last few weeks in the loving arms of a vet, following some rough horseplay with Amur. During a spat in late January, the goat tried to headbutt Amur, and the tiger took him by the neck with his fangs before shaking him.

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