Trans woman Kimy Hartman seeks support after vicious attack

Daniel Wren

Kimball ‘Kimy’ Hartman, a New York trans woman, was attacked in a vicious incident on 12 October 2014 in Brooklyn. After being taken to hospital in a critical condition, Kimy underwent emergency brain surgery, leaving her with a six-inch scar along the left side of her head.

Kimy left hospital on 2 November, but she is currently required to take 10 different forms of medication each day to prevent seizures. She is also unable to work as a tattoo artist because she must attend regular brain rehabilitation and outpatient appointments. Doctors have advised her to wear a helmet when she leaves the house in order to protect her head from further injury.

Kimy, 28, was attacked by four men who used anti-LGBT+ language and beat her with a plexiglass board, according to the New York Police Department. Kimy was a client of New Alternatives for Homeless LGBT Youth at the time, Gay City News reports.

Friend Kate Barnhart has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help support Kimy with urgent bills and living costs until she is able to receive disability benefits. She stated that ‘it is not clear if she will have permanent brain damage’ as a result of the attack.


Barnhart said, ‘It is outrageous that transgender people are still not safe in what is supposed to be the safest LGBT city in the world.’

Passersby recorded the attack on their mobile phones and CCTV footage has also been obtained, however the most recent update on GoFundMe states that the police have made no progress in finding the perpetrators. The update reads:

‘Dear Friends: Still no progress from the police on finding the guys who attacked Kimy, and Kimy is still suffering long-term effects from her injury, including excruciating headaches and dizziness. Kimy is scheduled to undergo surgery on Jan. 21 to replace the portion of the skull that was removed to save her life after the attack. Her injuries have left her with a lot of unexpected bills and no income, so I am increasing the fundraising goal of this campaign.’

Kimy said, ‘I want them to be in jail because they’re still doing what they got away with,” she said. “They won’t stop until someone puts them in jail.’

Six days ago, Kimy wrote, ‘I want to be a good person. I do not try to get much. But this is one time I need extra help. The doctor who took my skull apart told me that I’m going to have a bad look on my face after he puts the skull back. And I cannot afford someone to fix what happened to me. I did not deserve the badness to my face. And now I cannot be happy because bad things happen too much. Please help. And for those who have helped me. Thank you for your existence. It’s a form of happiness to me to know that there are other good people like me. Thank you.’

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The campaign has a goal of $8,000 and is currently at $6,246 at the time of publication.

You can help Kimy by giving what you can or by sharing word of the campaign. Anyone with any information about the assault should contact the NYPD.

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