HMCS Winnipeg makes waves with first gay kiss

Adam Lowe

Canada has been celebrating and men around the world have been swooning at the glorious pictures of Master Seaman Francis Legare of the Canadian Navy and his partner his partner Corey Vautour kissing at port.

In Navy tradition, sailors normally enter a raffle (with proceeds going to charity) to see who will get off the boat to be reunited with their partner first and therefore share the first kiss on shore. When Legare won the raffle, he and Vautour became the first same-sex male couple in Canadian naval history to share this so-called ‘first kiss’ in front of onlookers.

Acting sub-lieutenant Kyle Reed of the HMCS Winnipeg said, ‘It’s the first same sex kiss for males, but it’s not the first same sex kiss ever. It’s a very positive thing.’

In spring 2015, the first same-sex kiss for women took place at the CFB Esquimalt.

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Reid went on to say that it showcases a ‘more inclusive, more tolerant’ Canadian Navy.

The crowd cheered when the pair locked lips, and Vautour greeted Legare with a sign which read ‘Welcome Home Sailor’. Legare and Vautour had been separated for nine months, as the HMCS Winnipeg undertook anti-drug trafficking procedures in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

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