Latvian minibus operator’s offer ‘discriminatory’

Daniel Wren

LGBT campaigners in Latvia are calling on a minibus service operator to affirm its tolerance and qualify a special offer for straight couples to same sex couples as well.

Repeating an offer the operator ran on Valentine’s Day last year, Rigas Mikroautobusu Satiksme (RMS) announced it would allow men and women who kiss each other in front of the minibus driver to get a free ride on Sunday 14 February. However, LGBT group Mozaika has lodged a complaint with Ombudsman Juris Jansons on the grounds that the offer is disciminatory for not extending to gay and lesbian couples too.

Mozaika complained to the ombudsman that this campaign was unlawful and discriminates both in terms of gender and sexuality and urged the operator (along with other Latvian businesses) to widen its offers to every customer.

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