LGBT Life Around the World: Ted Talks

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Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols, a gay couple from San Francisco, recently made ‘Out and Around’ – a film about the changing status of the queer experience around the world.

They ventured out on a world tour in search of ‘supergays’ – that is, LGBT people who were doing something extraordinary in the world. In 15 countries across Asia, Africa and South America, they met a number of inspiring and courageous queer people – who proved to be the supergays they had been looking for.

They travelled to an array of places, including India, recently home to the world’s first openly gay prince and to Argentina, the first country in Latin America to grant marriage equality. The twosome interviewed LGBT leaders across the world as part of their journey of self discovery and a greater mission to share stories of hope and triumph.

You can view their TED Talk online.

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