Plastic Martyr responds to criticism from Little Women: LA

Daniel Wren

Trans model Plastic Martyr has responded to claims by fellow stars of Little Women: LA that she is only using the show as a platform for her career. Excluding her friend Christy McGinty, she called her co-stars on the reality show as ‘tacky, immature, hateful bullies’.

In response to the accusations that she’s using the show to get fame, Plastic Martyr points out that she has been working since she was 14.

‘I’m proud of the hurdles I’ve overcome and the battles I’ve won and I did it all on my own,’ she said.

The post reads:

The cast members of Little Women:LA (with the exception of my girl Christy) are some of the most tacky, immature, hateful bullies I’ve ever met. Currently they are trying to paint me as a “user” or “fame whore”. Clearly you can see from my IG and website and Google that I have been a hard working person in LA since I was 14 years old. Don’t flatter yourselves Tonya, Briana, Terra and Elaina…. You guys are legends in your own minds and filled with so much hate and evil. I am so proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished in my life and my career, I’m proud of the hurdles I’ve overcome and the battles I’ve won and I did it all on my own. Never once used anyone. I get to wake up every day and look in the mirror and know who I am and the truth behind my honesty and integrity. Those women have to wake up every day as them….that’s punishment enough. Never let anyone bully you. No matter how big, or little they are. Hate is hate, and I refuse to be degraded by cowards. xo

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