V. Stiviano claims Donald Sterling is gay

The former owner of the LA clippers, Donald Sterling, has been accused of using a ‘beard’ to hide his sexuality, according to his former girlfriend V. Stiviano.

In a $10 million defamation lawsuit filed on Thursday, Stiviano claims that Sterling’s Estranged wife and current executor of the trust, Shelly Sterling, was fully aware of the exact nature of the relationship between Stiviano and Donald Sterling. Stiviano’s claims are in response to an original lawsuit filed by Shelly Sterling claiming that Stiviano received gifts, including a Ferrari and a $1.8 million Beverly Hills house, from the Sterling family in exchange for sexual favours. In her counter-suit, Stiviano claims that she was ‘not ever a sexual partner’ of Donald Sterling and that she believes he ‘enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males’.

Stiviano originally came to public attention after audio emerged allegedly of Donald Sterling on an explicit racist tirade berating Stiviano for associating publically with black NBA players. He was fined $2.5 million dollars and banned for life by the NBA. His estranged wife Shelley Sterling took control of the trust and negotiated a $2 billion sale of the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.