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Having launched in winter 2012, we’ve fast made a name for ourselves as the place for LGBT entertainment, queer opinion and cultural comment. The team behind Vada are always on the look out for fresh, exciting voices to take the magazine to the next level – and to help support the next generation of writers in building an audience and sharpening their skills.

If you’ve previously harboured ambitions to write, feel the need to expose certain issues or are just trapped in the humdrum of 9-5 existence, wondering what happened to your creative core, come try out for the team and apply to become a contributor.

Please note that as an online venture, Vada Magazine is open to applications from all, irrespective of location. Wherever you are in the world, if you feel you’ve got the right stuff, apply now!

As with all roles at Vada, these are voluntary positions, but there are attractive benefits and perks, and you’ll be part of one of the world’s best LGBT publications. Not only that, but you’ll get to leave your own mark on one of the UK’s fastest growing LGBT magazines.

Note: You don’t have to be LGBT, but obviously things that appeal to an LGBT audience will stand a better chance of being published.

If you think you are up to the challenge, then please contact and include what you would like to contribute, how often, and your experience.

Contribute to a regular column

Whether as a one-off or a regular contributor, you can take part in any of our regular columns by submitting articles to These columns are:

What’s on Your Playlist (send us links to five music videos on YouTube with your reasons why you like these songs)
Give It a Listen (highlight any song or album you think has gone underappreciated so far)
Postcards from… (send us 250 words on why you love your city, or from any city you visit on your travels)
OMGame of Thrones (send us your opinions about anything Game of Thrones-related)
Weekly Fumes (celebrating our favourite aftershaves, perfumes and eaux des toilettes)
Top 20/ Top 10/Top 5, etc (send us your lists – and don’t be scared of the GIFs!)
Pride Guides (send us a guide to your local pride)
Why I Love… (tell us what you love and why – no matter how niche)
Poems for Your Fridge (poems on any theme)
Friday Fiction (short stories, vignettes and serials)
Vlogs, podcasts or photo journalism (we love these!)

We’re also open to general comment pieces, reviews of your local scene, film and restaurant reviews, jokes, comics, and, well, anything else you might have, provided it’s relevant to our readership.

Become an editor

We’re also keen to expand our coverage and strengthen our editorial team. We particularly interested in recruiting Associate Editors, Sub Editors, a News Editor, and regional correspondents responsible for covering news and events in their areas. There are considerable perks and you will have plenty of leeway in putting your own stamp on the magazine. Time commitment is flexible, although you will be responsible for editing and scheduling articles for the magazine, as well as contributing to future themes and promotions.

e are also specifically looking to recruit the following editorial roles:

Associate Editors
Entertainment Editor
Fashion Editor
Features Editor
Geek Editor
Listings Editor
Literary Editor
News Editor
Regional Correspondents (North East, Scotland, London, etc)
Sports Editor

Email with your areas of interest, your experience, and any ideas for how you might help develop the magazine.

General rules

In general, we ask for the right to keep your work on our website indefinitely. We’re here for the longhaul, and a significant proportion of our web traffic is for articles in our archives.

You’re welcome to republish your articles at your own blog, and may republish your articles anywhere else online or in print one month after initial publication with us. All we ask is that you link back to the original article (online) or include the note ‘Originally published in Vada Magazine (’ (in print).

If you do republish the article online, we ask you to credit us with the original publication and use a canonical tag to identify us as the origin of the article in search engines: <link rel=”canonical” href=”URL OF BLOG POST”>

You can write with a pen name if you wish. We encourage it if your day job requires discretion (e.g., working in public offices or with children) or if you’re writing about personal or controversial topics. You can change your author name at a later date, although we cannot guarantee web archives won’t preserve earlier pen names.

House style

In the main, we refer to the Guardian‘s style guide for house style. If you’re a non-UK contributor, feel free to use your local spelling (e.g., American or Australian English).

We also recommend you read the GLAAD Media Reference Guide – Transgender. Another great resource of articles on trans issues is available at All About Trans.

The International Labor Organization publishes guidelines about reporting on disability.

Mind collates a broad set of guidelines on writing about mental health responsibly. When writing about suicide, please see the Samaritans’ guidelines.


Please read our terms and conditions before you submit any work to us.