Vada Magazine is the premier online publication for educated, politically minded and culturally engaged urbanites who identify as LGBT, plus their ‘allies’ and friends. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, non-binary, and other trans* identities) – a highly valued demographic for advertisers and consumer-oriented businesses.

We are run by volunteers and are not a profit-making venture. Many of our contributors are young and aspiring writers who write about the topics they feel most passionately about.

Our ‘core’ audience comprises affluent ABC1 professionals and graduates living in cities. Our readers are primarily from the UK (30%) and USA (38.2%).

Our main hubs are cities with high proportions of LGBT people. These include London, Manchester, Brighton, Sheffield, Birmingham and Leeds in the UK; and  Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, LA, New York, San Francisco, Orlando and Miami in the US – although we have readers right across the English-speaking world (including Canada, Australia and Europe).

Of those readers who visit the website at least once a week, the gender split is skewed towards women (about 70% to 30%). Our primary audience is aged 25-44, with about 75% of our readers having university degrees or postgraduate qualifications. This group is highly engaged with politics and culture of all kinds, from Game of Thrones to Tate Modern.

Our readers trust our recommendations and turn to us for advice, opinions and suggestions. Our readers take city breaks several times a year and travel overseas annually, with LGBT travellers spending more on holidays than the general population.  (Read more)

Our readers regularly eat out, are clued up on popular culture and current affairs, and enjoy films, books and music. Our readers are active in supporting causes close to their hearts and prefer brands that they perceive as LGBT-friendly.

Our readers represent an even higher than usual level of education, which we believe reflects the high standard and sophistication of our content. LGBT consumers are more likely to be in employment and have a university or postgraduate qualification than their heterosexual peers. (Read more)

The so-called ‘pink pound’ is worth an estimated £70 billion per year in the UK alone. Our readers spend £8 million on food and drink, £9 million on fashion, £200 million on travel, £9 million on health and beauty, and £10.5 million on entertainment (music, books, DVDs and magazines) every year.

Our average monthly readers (unique visitors) is about 225,000 per month and 2.22 page views per visitor. This is equivalent to 500,000 hits. Our bounce rate of 33% is considered ‘excellent’ compared to most websites. We have a vibrant and interactive social media presence, where our stories reach about 30,000 people per week on Facebook and 120,000 people per week on Twitter.

We actively share our stories online and have a loyal following. Our readers have taken photographs of themselves with the Vada mascot everywhere from North London to the North Pole.