Betty Who – EP Review

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Australian born Betty Who releases her debut EP, The Movement, this week. Filled to the rafters with sparkly dream pop, the girl has an obvious knowledge of effective hooks and clever riffs.

Opening track ‘Somebody Loves You‘ is a synth heavy and summery track, with a simple chorus and catchy lyrics. With a Marina & the Diamonds style vocal which does feel slightly anonymous, there is nothing particularly distinct about Betty’s voice on this opener.

Moving swiftly on to ‘You’re in Love‘ which begins with a trippy electro intro and breaks into bright piano chords and a consistent synth beat. This is more on the right track, Ms Mr style without the violins etc. However, we reach the chorus and once again Betty strays to Pixie Lott territory, anyone remember her? She was number one once.

There is no doubt this EP is radio friendly, produced to sound sweeter than a choir of Care Bears, but in terms of establishing herself as an artist, Betty misses the mark. The reason the likes of Ellie, Florence and Lana broke out is because their vocal was so distinct and their personality was injected into their music. You could pass me a track like ‘You’re in Love’ and I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between Betty Who, LittleBoots or The Saturdays.

Right Here‘ is far smoother, a down tempo moment where Betty whispers rather than shouts, a far more engaging listen. ‘High Society‘ is androgynous, awful lyrics about feeling middle class due to a loved one. Did Spencer Matthews write this?

Unfortunately for Aussie Betty, I really can’t see her breaking into the UK. Her sound is not nearly experimental or refreshing enough to be considered under radar, however with almost 20,000 listens for ‘Somebody Loves You’ on SoundCloud she may have a chance at some radio play. Sorry Australia, stick to Fosters.

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