Broadchurch – Series 2, Episode 6 – Review

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The sixth episode of Broadchurch was brimming with visceral, powerful images, which made elements of it hard to watch. But watch I did. At the edge of my seat – exactly as it should be with Broadchurch.

Possibly the most powerful image of the episode was seeing 13-year-old Tom Miller in the dock. Adam Wilson isn’t the best actor, granted, but he worked his socks off in that short scene and managed to convey a range of emotion as he lied in an attempt to save his guilty father. His secret meetings with Mark Lattimer come back to bite Mark in the arse this week, but thankfully nothing too serious comes from it.

Because Jocelyn Knight (Charlotte Rampling) managed to persuade Tom to tell the truth. Charlotte was simply sublime in her questioning, as she sensitively managed to persuade Tom whilst remembering that it was a 13-year-old boy she was dealing with. She didn’t go in all guns blazing, which I think Sharon Bishop probably would have done. And that in itself shows how different these characters are. Jocelyn genuinely seems to care about the people of Broadchurch, whereas all Sharon wants is another win.

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And after a bizarre hook-up between Olly and Abby (seriously, where did that one come from?!), it looks as though Sharon may have the upper hand once more. Abby found something ‘juicy’ in Olly’s house…

Though, admittedly, that begs the question of how the hell would he know something that the police didn’t? But this is Broadchurch, after all.

Also in the dock this week was Mark, and true to Beth’s word, he went and told the truth. Nothing but the truth. His admission that he almost split with Beth prior to Danny’s murder came out of the blue and hit both Beth and the viewer square in the face. But it allowed Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan to flex their acting chops again. Andrew was sensational as he roared, ‘I did not murder my son!’ And I truly felt for Beth as she ran from the court and collapsed, screaming, only to be comforted by Ellie. I miss Ellie and Beth as friends.

Speaking of Ellie – my, she asserted herself this week, didn’t she? Her shouting at her son was simply stunning. I’ve said it countless times but Olivia Colman is brilliant. She really is one of the UK’s finest actresses, and I could quite easily watch her do anything. This was one of her greatest scenes in Broadchurch to date.

I do have a problem though. I know that Alec isn’t officially a police officer anymore and is basically doing nothing. But isn’t Ellie supposed to be a police officer working in Devon now? How would she be able to travel back and forth between Sandbrook then? Just another plot hole there…

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But the Sandbrook case continues to thrill, and I have shifted my theory slightly, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Claire Ripley is very much being painted as the killer of Pippa Lisa. Perhaps it was out of revenge for Cate going with Lee, but I don’t believe it. Despite her fit of rage and destroying the kitchen, despite the picture with her wearing the locket (surely she would have destroyed such an image?!) and despite the flashback of her breaking into Tess’ care and stealing said locket, I still don’t think she is the killer.

Throughout Series 2 Claire has repeatedly made references to how Alec is jealous of Lee, or hinted that she and Alec have slept together. Basically, Claire seems obsessed with Alec. So obsessed that she may be prepared to commit a crime in order to hide the true killer.

My theory is this: Claire stole the locket to protect Alec, the killer – somebody I have championed as the killer all of this series. He is just too invested in that case, and it’s something that I don’t think anybody would see coming. Well, apart from me, that is… After this, Alec took the rap about the locket to save Tess’ career, but what if he was actually doing this to save Claire from being caught? What if Alec and Claire were a couple? It could happen. No, it did happen.

But if anybody else has a better theory, sound out in the comments below.

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