Call us what you will…

Throughout a gay man’s – or woman’s – life, they will at one point have been called something derogatory for their sexuality. In my experience, I think I’ve heard them all – fag, gayboy, shitstabber.

Except that, as a ‘normal’ gay boy living in the UK, people’s comments never phased me. I was never hurt by any of them due to the words coming from ignorant idiots. I never cried about it or got angry because, as much as they were trying to hurt me, I was, and am, what they were calling me. I am a fag, gayboy and shitstabber.

Recently, there was a debate surrounding whether ‘twink’ is now an offensive word for homosexuals. Twitter erupted with discussion and some are called it the new N-word.

Opinions are divided, with some agreeing it’s offensive and should not be tolerated, while others just take it as a chip on their shoulder.

What is quite amusing though is the people who find the term ‘derogatory’ and ‘insulting’ are female white teenagers, who are jumping on the ‘Stop the Gay Prejudice’ bandwagon without understanding our culture.

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Yes, we have divas and queens who are cattier than a production of Cats who throw insults at each other like teens in a water fight, but it’s all fun and games.

As far as the N-word is concerned, ‘twink’ will nowhere near be as offensive as a racial slur. Or as morally inappropriate as calling a transgender person a ‘tr*nny’.

Personally, I think that calling a gay person a ‘faggot’ is not as offensive as straight people make out. You’re calling us what we are. It’s like calling a spade a spade or the Pope Catholic. Or Emma Bunton Baby Spice.

Calling anybody a ‘twink’ is probably not the best insult you could come up with because they’re skinny and young looking. I’m sure anyone would want to be called that. But it shouldn’t be used if you don’t know the gay cultural meaning, or you’re just going to look stupid.