Danny Polaris – Interview

Adam Lowe

Queer singer-songwriter Danny Polaris has just released his brand new single, Nightfall. Vada caught up with him to chat inspirations, world tours and his collaboration with Dave Whiting, Draco Draco.

What were the inspirations for ‘Nightfall’?

Nightfall is a song about that feeling you get when it’s starting to get dark and you suddenly have the urge to party. For me this is often when my willpower to stay in and behave myself goes out of the window. It’s about giving in to the night and to the darker sides of ourselves – about having fun, letting loose and accepting our flaws and celebrating them. ‘And I’d never wanna have you another way, as long as the dark and the beat, makes you stay.’

I met a guy recently who really brought the song to life for me. Especially this lyric: ‘And I’d never wanna have you another way, as long as the dark and the beat, makes you stay.’

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It was as if I’d written it about him without even knowing it! So it’s dedicated to him. My king of the night.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been writing tracks for the past three or four years, but the past 18 months have been a really prolific period. I’ve had a lot of changes, dramas and adventures recently that have given me plenty of material!


What’s next?

I’m performing in Copenhagen and Mykonos this summer, at the RVT for a Tonker special on 10 July, and other gigs in the UK and Sweden I can’t mention yet!

I’m working on a bunch of great new material with my music partner Dave Whiting. We’re Draco Draco.

I’m also trying to find some help managing/promoting myself – it’s very tough getting gigs or getting listened to when you’re on your own. People just assume you’re crap. And I know that I’m not.

It’s a constant struggle but I’m fighting the good fight!

‘Nightfall’ (mixed/produced by Voltaxx) is released on Sorry Shoes records and is available on iTunes now.

For more information, visit dannypolaris.com and dracodraco.com.

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