Meeting the Unforgettable Gloria Hole

Elliot Rose

Here at Vada, we love a drag queen. Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent are high up the list of our priorities. Filling all of these requirements is the subtly titled Gloria Hole. Our favourite photographer Robert Gershinson has captured a series of fabulously uncouth portraits of Gloria, proving that tacky can indeed by fabulous. An artist from south west London, she is a self confessed diva who loves being as trashy as possible, and is “certainly not a skinny glam queen” – listing “surgically modified people like Amanda Lepore and Pete Burns” as major inspirations. When I caught up with her, she said that she’s been “lucky enough to be flown out to Stockholm in August for the club brand Guttersluts’s Pride Party”, giving all you Swedish gays out there a major treat. A queen of trashy, anyone who appreciates irony and fun will certainly appreciate the unforgettable Gloria Hole.





About Elliot Rose

You can find me wandering the streets of East London, judging the outfits of strangers. Studying fashion, interning in PR. Likes: Marc Jacobs, bank holiday weekends, pictures of Kim Kardashian crying. Dislikes: Gok Wan, carbs. @elliot_rose