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Zia Lucia, the London pizzeria already established at its Islington venue, has opened its second restaurant just off Brook Green in Hammersmith. Zia Lucia (which translates as ‘auntie Lucia’) is branding itself as the authentic Italian neighbourhood pizzeria, using a 48-hour slow-fermented dough. What this means for diners, is apparently, softer, lighter bases.

The pizza menu is straight forward, choose a base (all variants on the 48-hour slow fermented dough), which can be one of: traditional, wholemeal, gluten-free or a vegetable charcoal base. There are a choice of 14 standard toppings, which of course you can customise.

We at Vada chose to start with some Roasted aubergines, courgettes and peppers (£5) and Burrata with olive oil and black pepper (£5). Both arrived promptly, served plainly without pomp or pretence, as expected at any family-run Italian restaurant.

Onto the main event: the Zia Lucia pizzas. We chose a Centurione (which is tomato, mozzarella, Parma ham, rocket and Parmigiano) on a traditional dough base (£10.40) and an Arianna (consisting of mozzarella, fresh sausage, taleggio goat cheese, pecorino cheese, and truffle honey) on a vegetable charcoal (£10.90). To clarify the truffle honey, is a simply divine combination of truffle shavings doused in honey.

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The pizzas were both sufficient in size for a greedy person (of which we are two, and did manage to consume both entirely). The Zia Lucia specially 48-hour fermented dough didn’t make a stand-out difference in terms of  base compared to others independently made. However a charcoal variant was a fun twist, and the toppings, particularly Arianna, were bountiful and moreish.

Dessert at Zia Lucia, yes of course there was room, even after all the pizza, was chosen in the form of a sunshine-yellow Homemade tiramisu (£4), and a Pizza dessert (£5.50). The latter is 2 slices, stuffed-crust with Nutella, custard, drizzled with Nutella, honey garnished with fresh fruit. This sweet pizza could easily be shared between two, if you’re of the unusual disposition of sharing dessert – we were not.

Service was efficient throughout, we didn’t feel like we were kept waiting, and found the staff helpful with their suggestions. One bug-bear we did notice was the taking of one person’s plates before both people had finished.

Overall thoughts

Zia Lucia is demonstrating it plans to be a contender as the local pizzeria in Hammersmith, with its various doughs and extravagant toppings. Paired with a great-value price point (circa £20 for three courses), this restaurant is definitely an attractive option.

We wouldn’t go out of our way (from central London) specifically for Zia Lucia, but if in the Hammersmith / Kensington Olympia neighbourhood we would definitely seek out this venue. For readers based in the area, Zia Lucia pizza take-out is available via Deliveroo.

Zia Lucia is located at 61 Blythe Road, London, W14 0HP.

For more information visit

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