Coffee review: Raw Bean’s brand new Bean Bags

Adam Lowe

Bagged coffee isn’t quite a new thing, with sort-of-tea-bag-like coffee servings already a thing at some hotels. But Raw Bean has undoubtedly been inspired by the connoisseur revolution in tea bags – taking, for example, the pyramidal shape favoured by artisanal tea brands and using it for your cup of coffee. Indeed, these look just like high-end tea bags but for their distinctive coffee aroma.

Forget cleaning out your filter, caffetiere or – worse still – that stovetop espresso maker you bought. With Bean Bags you can pop a bag into your mug, leave it to brew for three minutes, and whack it straight into the bin. Done!

We were lucky enough to try all three varieties: the Breakfast Blend, Striking El Salvador and Definitely Decaf.

The Breakfast Blend is a blend of Colombian and Guatemalan ground coffee with subtle hints of roasted hazelnut, caramel and honey. It’s sooth and nutty for a flavoursome boost.

The Striking El Salvador is rich and fruity, with a dark chocolate sweetness, and perfect to drink any time of day.

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Definitely Decaf is your go-to evening beverage, with a smooth, creamy body and hints of walnut and dark cocoa.

The convenience of these, paired with the great taste, make them a great option. They’re not as strong, obviously, as those brewed from your Nespresso machine, which makes these perfect for everyday use – and they’re more environmentally conscious too. You don’t need any funky contraptions or brewing techniques – nothing more complicated than a kettle and a cup is required. I’m sold on these – I think they’ll become my new daily coffee of choice!

More information

Top Tips fromRaw Bean for getting the best brew:
1. Squeeze after adding water
2. Brew for three minutes
3. Squeeze once more
4. Enjoy!

Priced from £4.50 for 10 bags (or £3.75 per 100g), Bean Bags are currently available in three varieties: Breakfast Blend (strength 4), El Salvador (strength 3) and a 100% chemical free Definitely Decaffeinated (strength 4).

SPECIAL OFFER: 33% off using the code ‘SQUEEZEME33’ until Wednesday 26 April at Raw Bean.

Raw Bean Bean Bags are available at Waitrose Stores and online at Raw Bean.