Wine review: Barefoot Pink Pinot Grigio

Adam Lowe

Barefoot Pink Pinot Grigio is dry, crisp and fruity in style. Its palate is full of tart apple, peach and raspberry flavours, making it the perfect summer tipple.

We recommend serving this chilled or even over ice. With a dash of cream soda it becomes a uniquely refreshing take on the standard spritzer with indulgent, velvety sparkle and fruity upper notes.

It’s definitely on the sweet side, so you could throw in some raspberries and have it with dessert. If you want a cocktail with bite, mix it with Absolut Raspberry and serve over ice.

Food-wise, this goes great with seafood and salads. Tomatoes, watermelon and Stilton would all make a good match and bring out the best in the wine. Or you could try a lightly spiced Thai-inspired prawn and coconut dish, with the fruit complementing the coconut well.

Barefoot Wine Pink Pinot Grigio (RRP £6.99) is available at and

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