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We found ourselves wandering the endless dreamscape of the internet at stupid o’clock in the morning, finding that once again sleep had eluded us. Every page led to a dozen more and once again the forgotten stars of film and television from our childhood slowly began to surface including one we really didn’t expect.

Once upon a time there was a film that made us weep in the early 90s. This was of course when we were kids and before adulthood would go on to turn our tender hearts cold and cynical. The film was a little known gem by the name of Curly Sue, and mixed elements of family, romance, comedy and drama as it explored the life of a homeless man and a young girl named Curly Sue for the mass of curls she had. This young lady would go on to melt the hearts of kids and parents even while it attracted the ire of critics.

Curly Sue, or Alisan Porter as she is known in real life, then seemed to disappear off the film scene for a long while. Making us wonder if maybe she had fallen through the cracks of being a child star. So we had to discover what ever happened to her. The truth we discovered was actually very different.

Alisan Porter

It turns out Alisan had indeed hung up her acting clogs and made the mature decision to focus on her education. She would then go on to become a singer and dancer, treading the boards in musicals and even forming her own band. She even started up a collaboration with musician Adam Lambert on ‘Aftermath’, one of our personal favourites off of his debut album For Your Entertainment. Now at the tender age of 33 Porter is married, has a self titled, self produced album out and even has a child of her own.

It is refreshing to know that not every famous face from the 80s and 90s is doomed to make the same mistakes as other classic child starts. So let us just finish off by giving you lovely lot a link to see Alisan and Adam jamming together on ‘Aftermath’. Loving it!

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