15 songs that made me wish I was an 80s baby

Reggie Myers

Whether it was the brightly colored clothing or the unforgettable music, there was just something about the 80s. So pull out your old Miami Vice tapes, your boomboxes, your rope gold chains, and your Technicolor track suits, because we are going to celebrate the 80s with 15 songs that make me wish I was an 80s baby. Keep in mind that these songs are in no particular order.

Fool’s Paradise by Meli’sa Morgan

Kicking off this list is this musical love letter from Meli’sa Morgan. You’ll be so caught up in the rhythm that you’ll almost forget that the lyrics are telling quite a sad story.

The Breaks by Kurtis Blow

An undisputable classic, Kurtis Blow helps you dance through the bullshit of day to day life with this early hip-hop anthem.

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Fun fact: This song has been sampled over 70 times since it was released in 1980.


Square Biz by Teena Marie

Another party anthem from the late and great Teena Marie, ‘Square Biz’ by Teena Marie incorporated soul and hip-hop to form this hit single that helped Marie establish herself as a force in R&B and pop music.

Last Night (A DJ Saved My Life) by Intoodeep

I think this song explains itself. While saying a DJ saved your life with a song may be quite a stretch, I think most of us can relate to a song about music helping us get through a breakup or another troubling moment in our lives.

Automatic by The Pointer Sisters

A hit about love having your nose wide open, this is only one song in a long list of hits from The Pointer Sisters. Almost 30 years from the song’s debut, this Grammy award-winning trio’s song will make even the sullen of human beings move to the dance floor.

Source: Soul Train

Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash

‘Should I stay or should I go now?/Should I stay or should I go now?/If I go, there will be trouble/If I stay, there will be double/So come on and let me know, should I stay or should I go?’ Any questions?

Baby Be Mine by Michael Jackson

Another song I wish I could have been of clubbing age to experience when it came out. I don’t think this needs much more explanation than that.

Do I Do by Stevie Wonder

A lighthearted jam for the dance floor, ‘Do I Do’ is still a perfect party starter 32 years later.

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When Doves Cry by Prince

Another artist who’s essential to any 80s playlist, Prince gave us many timeless classics. However, very few persist to this day the way ‘When Doves Cry’ does. This is another song where you get so wrapped up in the rhythm that you forget about the melancholy lyrics.


Send for Me by Atlantic Starr

Atlantic Starr released the perfect slow dancing song when they released the 1981 hit, ‘Send for Me’. This song about a love affair that’s supposed to be over, but in reality, will never be quite over is the perfect song to pull that someone close to.

Don’t Disturb This Groove by The System

The first time I heard this song, I knew this was the perfect song to ride around with your significant other to. This song will make you feel like you’re back in high school, sneaking away to ‘Make Out Point’ or some other secluded area to do things you knew good and well you had no business doing.

Love Come Down by Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King

Can you imagine how amazing it must have been to be of clubbing age when this song came out? If no other song makes you wish you were around in the 80s to experience that firsthand, this will be the winner.


I Know You Got Soul by Eric B. & Rakim

Another hip-hop classic by an MC regarded by many as the best who’s ever done it, ‘I Know You Got Soul’ will show you why both Eric B. and Rakim are still highly respected in the hip-hop world.

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Don’t Stop The Music by Yarbrough & Peoples

Have you ever been to a party that came to end just as you were getting into your groove or even worse, getting into your groove when you are dancing with a prospect? Well, you’re not alone. Yarbrough & Peoples stand with you in solidarity with this timeless and addictive anthem.


Outstanding by The Gap Band

A black family barbecue classic, no list of great 80s songs would be complete without Outstanding by The Gap Band. I mean, this band is responsible for giving us Charlie Wilson. What other reason do you need?

Source: Soul Train

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