Police open an investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s drowning

Reggie Myers

Image by Asterio Tecson (Flickr: 135) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Police are opening an investigation into what led Bobbi Kristina Brown to be found unresponsive and drowning in a bathtub last Saturday.

According to a recent article from People.com, a family source told the magazine that authorities will investigate whether foul play was involved in the incident and whether possible evidence was removed from the scene. This source went on to explain the investigation would center around Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend.

Bobbi Kristina, the 21-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found unresponsive and drowning in a tub last Saturday by her friend Max Lomas. It was originally reported that Gordon, who many believed was her husband, found her. She was soon put into a medically induced coma. Over the next week, the public was constant kept updated on her status.

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A family member reported to People Magazine on Wednesday that doctors said there was nothing else they could do for Bobbi Kristina, and family members were gathering by her bedside to say her final goodbyes. However, in an article on The Mirror yesterday, Bobby Brown has opted to keep his daughter on life support as he is praying for a miracle.  It was also reported that despite the turmoil going on, family members took some time on Thursday to help the ‘My Prerogative’ singer celebrate his 46th birthday.

In the People.com article released yesterday, another family source said authorities will also be looking into injuries on the 21-year-old’s body that they say ‘needs further explanation’. A TMZ article that was linked to states many sources have said there was a history of violence between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon. The same article claims that TMZ was told that Max Lomas witnessed Gordon cleaning the house and removing blood stains around the time Bobbi Kristina was found and medical services were called.

Both Lomas and Gordon have reportedly gotten lawyers to advise them during the ongoing investigation. Another TMZ article claims Bobby Brown will not make any decisions about Bobbi Kristina’s fate at least until after the weekend.

February 11th will mark the third anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death by accidental drowning. Some have speculated that this along with the recent movie about her mother’s life may have contributed to Bobbi Kristina’s troubles. However, no definitive reason for this incident has been ascertained yet.

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