10 Things to Do When Stuck at Home in Winter

Simon Blish

The depths of winter can be depressing for many people with the thought of being stuck inside, bored stiff, even more depressing. Although the sun is finally starting to show, these tips reflect on my most recent winter learning curve and will hopefully guide you through the darker months.

Winter months can be dark and dismal but there are various ways which don’t cost a fortune that you can use to brighten up the most darkest of days.

The key words here are ‘don’t cost a fortune’.

Lots of us go into debt around Christmas and so finding fun and entertaining things to do that cost us nothing or very near nothing makes a great deal of sense.

Be Ruthless

Take a look about your home and the things that you have there. Do you need them all? What about those Christmas Presents that have not even been opened yet? All of us acquire clutter that quite frankly only gathers dust. But as they say one man’s rubbish is another’s man’s gold( or something like that) so think of either popping your unwanted things on eBay or selling them on at a car boot. The latter will also get you out of the house and your hibernation!

How Bright is Your Environment?

Check to see if you have any half used cans of paint about, the ones buried under the stairs on in the garage or shed. It’s surprising what colours can be made mixing two half cans of emulsion together and brightening up a wall or two is both satisfying and gets us exercising too.

Change Things About

Moving furniture and ornaments, pictures and rugs about will give a good feel to your tired set-up. All of us get so used to the same-old that we forget that change is as good as a rest. For those who are creative this is the perfect time for using those off-cuts of material for cushions or decorations.

Check out the Internet

For inspiration on any decorating or creative matters check out the internet and sites like Pinterest. Once you begin to browse such sites time seems to melt away as you get lost in all the amazing ideas.

Find A New Hobby

Rather than do something you are accustomed to why not see what other people are up to? You can easily source things on YouTube and starting a new hobby is both rewarding and enjoyable. I’m a big gamer, playing D&D, Pokemon and onlinecasinokung.com – a hobby I can maintain from home any time of year. This year, I picked up some new hobbies, such as wargame miniatures (yes, I am a nerd!).

Catch up With Family and Friends

And not just a quick hello on Facebook. Our busy lives mean that a lot of us neglect those who are nearest and dearest to us. It’s strange that in a world that is geared to communication that we can even lose touch with once good friends, but we do. The winter months are a perfect time to contact those we have neglected and really find out how they are and what they have been up to.

Watch Those Boxsets You Never Got Round To

Plus, why not watch them with a group of friends? There is nothing quite like a group of friends, some snacks and a good boxset to make you feel good. Once more you will be able to show off your new decorations and shift around of furniture!

Wrap up and Go Out!

If all else fails to lift your spirits in these dark months then wrap up and take yourself out. If you don’t have a dog try to borrow one as our fury friends ooze joy no matter what time of year it is. Walking in any weather is therapeutic and benefits you in countless ways. Walking with a dog increases that pleasure factor and it’s is amazing how many people speak to those who have a dog with them.

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