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Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash

It’s frightening to admit that we haven’t really had that much sunshine yet. We are in April for crying out loud and I’ve only just packed away my boots from winter. I’m stating the obvious here, but for all our non-European readers it’s important to stress that us in the UK are really missing out on quality tanning time.

As much as I love winter trends, collections and outfits I am tired of layers. If I could leave the house in one, maybe two, layers I would be so happy. Summer to me is all about simplicity and accessorising. Get those two things right and you are ahead of the fashion world in my book.

Now is the perfect time to start really working on your summer body by the way. Do what I do. Print off the latest collections of underwear, swim shorts and stick them everywhere around your room. The god like bodies of these boys will spur you on with your diet/workout program and will overcome the need for a bacon sandwich at 02:00 in the morning. Or is that just me? Moving on.

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Photo by Jaclyn Moy

We like short shorts and apparently so do every high-street retailer as well. What’s going to be in for Spring/Summer 13 are short shorts, showing off your legs as well as emphasising your thighs. You leave little to the imagination. Topman are doing their usual array of chino shorts as well as board shorts for the skaters out there. Their limited collection shorts are simply idyllic and I’ve already gone into my overdraft and bought 3 pairs. Worth it though. ASOS are doing some pretty simple shorts with a mixture of extreme patterned ones dotted about their collection. I’m also loving the classic skinny denim jeans. The distressed fabric is gorgeous and it’s going to look amazing with an oversized vest. If you’re fashion conscious then the bottom of your shorts have to be turned up. It’s just the “thing” to do this summer apparently. Everyone is doing it.

Photo by Kelly Searle

Speaking of vests. Addicted is all I can say. But not those namby pamby generic vests. I’m talking about slit down the side, revealing vests. Some have amazing patterns on. Florals are obviously a big thing, or on the other scale what I’ve noticed is the rise of basic animal prints. You know those horrendous old ladies who wear fleeces with a dog or bear on. They are so in at the moment. But more trendy and summer friendly.

Photo by Demetrius Washington

So, if you open the bottom drawer of my dresser you will find a shoe box of about 15 pairs of sunglasses. I am addicted to them. I love having a choice of what I’m going to wear. Spitfire round glasses are bang on trend at the moment. Tortoise shell coloured ones have made a return to what’s hot this season, and statement black large sunnies are always a must. I’ve also noticed a dotted mixture of clear sunglasses for Spring / Summer 2013. Check those out.

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Photo by Paul Stollery

Shoes shoes shoes. This season we are looking at desert boots, plimsolls,  iconic Converse and brogues for those summer nights out. Simple. Don’t buy cheap. Nothing’s worse than a cheap leather brogue or flimsy plimsoll from Primark. Jack and Jones are doing some really cool skater boy look ones.

To summarise, this summer is all about looking cool, as are most things with fashion, but this summer really identifies the need for menswear to outshine womenswear. Although this isn’t a competition, I think it’s safe to say gays always do it better. In more ways than one.

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