Rainbow Collection sparkling wine to honour LGBT community

Torti Wines Rainbow Collection
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Italian winery, Torti Wines, is honouring the LGBT community this Christmas with their Rainbow Wine Collection of sparkling rosé wines.

Torti Wines

Torti Wines is a 110-year old winery, who, in collaboration with the LGBT Foundation has created its Rainbow Collection in the name of peace, love and diversity, with a percentage of sales revenue from each bottle going to the LGBT Foundation. Patrizia Torti from the Torti Family said “We’re excited to be working closely with groups and foundations who want the same as us. In the modern age, we need to embrace individuality, while at the same time, we need to come together to support those communities who continue to face marginalisation.”

Torti Wines Rainbow Collection

Rainbow Collection

The Torti family say their Rainbow Collection is bright, bold, and never willing to compromise, a message from which society can learn a lot they say – being proud of who you are and striking for ‘Equality Wins’.

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The Torti Rainbow Collection comprises of six unique sparkling bottles from the winery, which are available separately, as well as part of gift sets and full bottle ranges. Each colour is said to represent a different shade to our personalities. For example, the bold red bottle represents passion, while the orange bottling represents a sense of adventure. For the other colours in the collection, yellow represents happiness, green for balanced, blue for a sense of calm, and violet for majestic.

At Vada Magazine we see a lot of brands who come out in support of the LGBT community during pride month each year, support which often quickly disappears as the month ends. Whilst well-intentioned support, this is often created primarily with a commercial lens. In the case of Torti Wines, who are supporting the LGBT Foundation and choosing to demonstrate their alliance with the LGBT community, we see behaviour that perhaps represents genuine support behind the message.

The Rainbow Collection bottles have already started appearing on social media, for example Duncan James has spotted his favourite colour – blue.

Bottles (and gift sets) of Torti sparkling wines are available to purchase from greatwinedirect.com.

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