#sass: The comeback of Lady Gaga

Daniel Wren

Lady Gaga’s return has got me thinking. You can say she’s a Madonna copy, or unoriginal, or whatever but you simply can’t deny she creates a massive amount of buzz and excitement, and I was trying to think how that would translate into everyday life. She’s honest in her influences, her presentation, her fashion and lyrics. Basically she’s just a hyped up version of herself. Her entire production is 100% her and her team are all her friends that know her personally and can help contribute to her image that truly represents her. That’s why she’s different, in my opinion. Even if you don’t have the same opinion, she’s promoted the simple message of ‘be yourself’ for years.

Everyone else has a team to help them follow the trend and find the next big thing and have a singular unique quirk so they can claim they’re different without actually being different. It creates quite a boring music scene doesn’t it? You have Ke$ha claiming to love The Rolling Stones, yet coming out with cheap pop music, or P!nk claiming to love Janis Joplin and Lauryn Hill but always without fail coming out with basic chart music. It’s not honest. I can’t grasp why people aren’t just themselves.

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Obviously this isn’t really about pop stars. I’m just getting annoyed with these things happening with normal people. Making up or rehashing a tweet so it’ll get retweeted and favourited by a bunch of strangers on the internet. Accepting any old randomer on Facebook to appear popular. Why? How are you ever gonna have a real relationship (in any sense of the word) with anyone if everything you do is contrived to appeal to masses rather than true to yourself so that the people who really know you can create a stronger bond with you, or so you can attract those who are genuinely attracted to the real you.

If they’re attracted to the image you project for attention rather than the real you, what’s to keep them staying when they discover who you really are? Like, if you’re Ke$ha releasing ‘Tik Tok’ then you’re going to alienate your fans when you want to express your Rolling Stones influences. Shouldn’t you have just done that from the start? You can put up a photo on instagram and hashtag with everything you want to get attention from complete strangers without having a single friend like it. Is it really more important to you to appear popular to a bunch of strangers than share something true with your friends?

This isn’t a rally for individuality or anything because I think if you have natural common interests that’s something wonderful to bond over, but if you’re hashtagging your life away as if you’re constantly out partying and in big cities, when in reality you’re working hard everyday and enjoy calm evenings, how are you going to attract real friends? If people are naturally similar, that’s awesome and if people are naturally different, that should also be awesome but it’s become something to be ashamed of. Again, in relation to Gaga’s comeback, it’s become something to scoff at if you’re gay and a fan of her. Why? It’s become the ‘cool’ thing to hate her.

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Why? I saw this tweet: “Am I like the only person that doesn’t give a shit about ‘artpop’?” No, of course you’re fucking not. If you don’t give a shit then why are you mentioning it? You’re entitled to your own opinion, so is everyone else that is excited about her return. But if you don’t give a shit then why are you mentioning it? Why are you attempting to rain on the parade of people that are uniting in a moment of happiness? If this affected people then we’d all become bland zombies following the same trend and how boring would that be?

I’m not saying I’m not guilty of some of this by any means. However, to a point, I’d like to think I’m pretty honest. I don’t give a fuck about the opinion of anyone that isn’t one of my friends and my friends know all my guilty pleasures because I display them publicly. If anything, they’d probably say I was a bit too honest. Especially when it comes to bowel movements. Overall, it’s quite a cheesy message I’m trying to put across. I’ll try and add an edge by swearing lots to make it cool. Just fucking be yourself. Yeah, people are gonna be different, why does that have to be a bad thing?

You shouldn’t have to agree on everything, that would be SO fucking boring and we’d have nothing to talk about. It means someone is able to take in influences, think for themselves and form an individual opinion and that’s fucking brilliant and should be celebrated. Someone dresses different to you? So what? They’re not the same as you, that’s awesome, that gives something new to your life, don’t be a dick about. Just be fucking honest to who you are because YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY.

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