Fashion forward: Alexander COBB Précieux

Daniel Wren

Check out these sexy new pics from Alexander COBB in support of their Précieux line.

This seamless underwear has a smooth, comfortable fit and comes in two distinct styles – slip and trunk. The extra-soft, specially designed fabric with elastine offers comfort while preserving its own unique style. Innovative, no-fly and aside-fly cuts also allow easy movement and give a perfect fit. The monochrome designs, finally, make a top choice for guys who like pure colours – coming only in off-white or black.

The off-white fabric’s structure feels, on the surface, like a second skin. Lightweight and breathable, these Italian-made pants are contoured for a delicate but comfortable fit.

The Précieux underwear in black, meanwhile, focuses on elegance – giving a more provocative look. Exquisite and luxurious French fabric has been specially treated with thinner and thicker stripes, allowing your skin to be more and less exposed at the same time.

Made with a moisture-absorbent fabric, the Précieux range will keep you dry all day long. The range is also low-rise so you can wear it with any suit, with double layers at the crotch for enhanced support. Plus, the promo shots are hot, hot, hot!

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